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How can I return from my voki to the blog?

quingui30 3 days ago in Voki FAQs updated by Gil Sideman 3 days ago 2
Gil Sideman 3 days ago


Go to the support page - Blog is one of the options under "Support".




How do I publish my voki?

Sofia 6 days ago updated by Gurpreet Singh 6 days ago 1

Goodmorning from Greece. I want to publish my voki, i have already create and save it.

Thank you

Under review

New Account

Tiffany 1 week ago updated by Gil Sideman 6 days ago 1

I created a new account tonight. When it asked me to sign in, I kept receiving an email/password is incorrect note. I tried to reset my password but it says my email is not in the system. Please help!