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Someone please contact the administrator at my school!!!

helena.castelletti 6 days ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Gil Sideman 2 days ago 2

My school has paid for a voki subscription but we have not received passwords yet, nor can anyone access our subscription. Our administrator has tried to contact someone several times to sort out this problem, but has been unsuccessful so far. Would someone please make contact and sort out this mess. It is frustrating and a complete waste of our funds if we don't have access. Thank you.


Voki just loads forever and never plays

jhowerter 2 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 4

I tried both at work and at home, and the Voki never loads. I am trying to use this for a presentation, so if I could get the issue fixed ASAP, that would be great, thanks!

Not a bug

Voki does not load on my classroom laptops.

pittsclassroom 3 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 3 months ago 3

Voki does not load on my classroom laptops.

Gil Sideman 3 months ago

Hello - 

I can only surmise that your school firewall is preventing access.

You can verify that is the case by accessing from a computer outside your school network.

Please contact your school IT and ask them to whitelist - 




Once this is done - it should work fine.



The Voki Team