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Parts of the Voki Create screen and tools are covered over by large Intel ad banner.

M Trisler 3 years ago • updated by Sumit B 3 years ago 1
I cannot see the entire Voki create screen and tools due to a large Intel ad banner covering it and I do not see any way to close the ad banner.

Page is covered by ads and all buttons are unusable. Unable to close? Please advise

Renae 3 years ago 0
Page is covered by advertisements and now the program has zero functionality in the create portion.
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I can not effectively use the free version of Voki because of the ads blocking the choices

Diana Armstrong Lorance 3 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 3
Under review

There is an ad appearing right over the top of the menu

Jacqueline 3 years ago • updated by Sumit B 3 years ago 1
There is an ad appearing right over the top of the menu and is making the application completely unusable. I am very disappointed, I have used this once before for an assignment and wanted to use it with my kindergarten class but cannot. What a shame.
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After 2 years, I still can't use Voki with iPad.

anonymous 3 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 5
Over two years ago, I submitted a request for help using Voki on iPad. For months, I was told it was in development. After a long time, I resubmitted my request, and I was told to use the Puffin Academy app.  It freezes all the time.  It's working at this moment, but none of the Vokis in my account have sound when I play them on the iPad.  They have sound when I use a laptop.  (The volume on the iPad is turned up and I can hear sounds coming from other apps and videos.)  Even if we manage to create a Voki through Puffin Academy, students can't share their Vokis so that iPad users can view them.  We publish to create our own Voki URLs.  We post the Voki URL to our website or email it. We can view this Voki on a laptop, but not on the iPad.  The only way I can get iPad users to view the Vokis on their iPads is to play each Voki on my laptop and do a screen capture and export it to our website or send it via email as an attachment.  Try doing that for dozens of students!  Voki used to be fun and engaging.  Now it's just frustrating because it's so unreliable and not compatible with our 1:1 environment.   I feel that Voki needs to do a better job disclosing the inside scoop:  1) Voki is not compatible with iPad.  2) Voki personnel will delete your saved Vokis without any notice even though you have been a paid subscriber for years.
Heather Brown 3 years ago
HI Susan,
My name is Heather and I am a new member of Voki's team. I understand your frustrations. I was a teacher for 7 years and the 1:1 piece of education is crucial in giving students the academic attention they need. Let's chat about his. I'd really love to hear your feedback.

Can't see the selections

Sherrie Beckwith 3 years ago 0
There is a large banner that says start customizing your avatar that blocks the choices and half of the avatar person. I've downloaded the stop ad to see if that helps and although it blocked the ads, your banner remains. The only choice to remove the banner is to click Teachers Get Started but that just takes you back to the page in which to sign up. I want a free avatar to try it out before I give my credit card information/pay.

Recording is not happening.

Sue Milroy 4 years ago • updated by Eva 4 years ago 2
After pushing the Record button, the twirling cursor just keeps twirling and recording is not taking place. I have waited up to 2 min. and nothing happens., it just keeps twirling.
Under review

Ads blocking tools

TLSE 3 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 3
I cannot create a voki because of a pop-up ad that blocks my ability to use the tools. Here is a screenshot:

Please advise as to how I can correct this? The content of the ad is not the issue!

Very Disappointed in this product

Louis Dare 4 years ago in Voki Presenter • updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 1
I'm really quite shocked at how poor this product is? At first it looks really useful however the paid for services don't really seem to offer much extra.

Other platforms whom you are competing with offer PPT importing so you can improve what you already have rather than waste time redeveloping teaching materials.

I've just signed up for Voki Presenter and seem to have been mislead as I can only produce a 60 second Vokis and not a 90 second ones as clearly advertised and I am unable to add two Voki's onto a slide as advertised. Rather than lodge a miss selling complaint to PayPal I've simply cancelled my subscription.

However if I'm paying surely the 90 second limit is a joke right? I'd expect at least 5 minutes, and to suggest we can add several Voki's onto a slide to create an unlimited audio feed.....have you guys any idea how the mind of a learner works? We're trying to exceed expectations here, having several Voki's in a row would give such a poor end result.

Not being able to download is also a serious failing in the system. Are we now assuming all learners have access to wifi 24/7. That's quite a radical assumption and one that fails learners from poorer backgrounds.

I've tested this on an iPhone with Safari and IOS8. The slide background is displayed however the Voki will not appear. I would have expected in 2015 a paid for service to be IOS compatible??

I think for me to further consider this product the developers need to accept that in business products must be designed around the end user and not the assumptions of the development team.

Please do not take offence to my comments, my tone represents my frustration at the time wasted in trialing this product. My hope is that you will use my comments constructively and look to develop a product that is suitable for your target audience.