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Approved Voki has been changed and content is missing

anonymous 9 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 14
One of my favorite sample Vokis no longer exists in my Voki classroom.  I was trying to access it to show to this year's students, but I discovered that the character has been changed, the background has been changed, and there is no sound.  How do I recover it?  It's the first approved Voki in the 7th period 2011-2012 class by Kevin.
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How many students does the voki classroom account have?

Dentudix Cursos Tic 9 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Eva 9 years ago 1
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Glitched edit button logs out my account.

schmie31 7 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 7 years ago 1

So I'm trying to create a new voki for an assignment in my class, but whenever I press the edit button, a window pops up and I am immediately logged out and sent back to the homepage. Help please? This problem persists across Internet Explorer and Chrome.


@Ana Maria Moreira Carvalho ana.moreirac2gmail.com

Ana Maria Moreira 8 years ago in Voki Classroom updated 8 years ago 3

Student in need

Brenda Leilani 10 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Eva 10 years ago 2
We were Working on our Vokis in class  ( i am a student) now i cant acess it with the user and password my teacher gave me HELP!

My daughter can't do anything with voki classroom but can do a recording on regular voki.

Karen Lesser 10 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 4
We made a voki yesterday on "voki" and had a great time with it, but her teacher said today that she didn't receive it. Then tonight we tried "voki classroom" but there is no create button and even with the pop-up blocker off nothing happens when we click "get started". We were using internet explorer on windows 8, and then I switched to my iPhone to try it there. Same.

Please advise.


andy biersack

Felix Ramirez 9 years ago in Voki Classroom 0
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unclear terms and conditions

Claudia Krumpholz 9 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 1

I am not teaching anymore and therefore didn't mean to extend my voki classroom account which I subscribed for one year. Nevertheless I've just been charged with the subscription for the next twelve months. Please cancel my account.

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No help from Voki Support

Lynda 4 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 1

I have been using Voki Classroom for several years with no problem.  Now students are unable to record for more than 30 seconds without getting the message that  time limits are exceeded.  We have tried with Chrome and Firefox.  I have repeatedly filled out the support email form and have received nothing but perfunctory messages from support.  I sent a video of the problem and received no help.  I am beyond frustrated.  Can someone PLEASE look into this?  Either back up your product support services or give me a refund. Enough is enough