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I didn't want to extend my account

Asun 4 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Sumit B 4 years ago 1

Although I didn't mean to extend my voki classroom account and I didn't click the "extend link" I've just realized that I' ve been charged with the subscription for the next twelve months


I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR THREE WEEKS TO CONTACT VOKI TO NO AVAIL. Where are your customer care numbers?!?

Jennifer Gomez 3 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 6

Please let me know how I can get in touch with a real person at Voki who can help me.

Gil Sideman 1 year ago

Hi Jennifer -

For paid customers the 'contact us' form is in the Support section.

We do not provide a phone # but offer free and unlimited email support to our customers.

I am a real person at Voki - how can I help you?



automatic billing

Shule 5 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Eva 5 years ago 4
I tried the trial version of voki classroom, I had heard about the application and was really eager to use in my school. I entered my credit card info and the automatic inoice was showing that I was charged for $0 for 15 days. Then my bank sent me a text message that I was charged.
I am really sorry to have had such a bad start to your website. Do you really think that you can keep a sustainable number of clients by making such mistakes??

I would like to have an immediate refund please. I will use the trial version for 13 more days and then I will decide according to my experiences with my students, regardless of this bad experience.

My username is shuleozcan@hotmail.com