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Chrome Problems

MrSolomon 5 months ago in Voki Classroom • updated 5 months ago 2

I am having trouble getting my VOKI assignments to appear in Chrome. It works on Safari, but not in Chrome. I have a mix of PC and Mac, and only the Macs work with VOKI. Cannot get any avatar to appear in Chrome, so I cannot use the PCs in our computer lab. Any suggestions on getting VOKI to work in Chrome for either Mac or PC? Thanks!

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Hello Mr Solomon, 

We work and test in Chrome all the time, and so do most of our Voki users and customers (it is the most popular browser) - and we are unaware of the problems you describe. I therefore tend to think that the problems you are experiencing are due to the configuration or settings in Chrome in your lab & school, or, possibly, restrictive firewall settings in your school.

As next steps I would suggest - 

a. try the same from home, just to compare, and prove that the problem is specific to school computers.

b. ask your school IT folks to help out - perhaps they can quickly pinpoint the issue.

c. ask your IT department to whitelist the follwing domains for the school:

*.oddcast.com  and  *.voki.com

if this advice does not help, please send us a note to support@voki.com - and one of our support engineers will schedule a time for a shared screen session where he might be able to advise further.

Let me know how goes,



Thanks. I tested on my personal MacBook Air and it worked in Chrome just fine. The issue must be with our IT Dept settings. I'll email them and see if they can fix.