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How do I increase the sound volume on my Voki?

Vivian Morgan Corll 5 years ago • updated by Eva 5 years ago 4
I created three others a while back and the sound is fine. However, the last one the sound is so low as to be almost inaudible.  I've already checked the volume on my computer and on Flash.  Any other ideas?

I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR THREE WEEKS TO CONTACT VOKI TO NO AVAIL. Where are your customer care numbers?!?

Jennifer Gomez 3 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Gil Sideman 1 year ago 6

Please let me know how I can get in touch with a real person at Voki who can help me.

Gil Sideman 1 year ago

Hi Jennifer -

For paid customers the 'contact us' form is in the Support section.

We do not provide a phone # but offer free and unlimited email support to our customers.

I am a real person at Voki - how can I help you?


Under review

Instuction panel blocking tools

Woombye 4 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 2
The students cannot access the customise options because an instruction panel is in the centre of the webpage. Can it be aligned to the right of have a minimise or close option please?

Emailing Voki videos not working

Anita Amelia Devine 5 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Eva 5 years ago 2
I have the free version of voki. I tried emailing my completed videos to two different email addresses under two servers and am not receiving the email. I checked my spam folder as well. It is not there either.

automatic billing

Shule 5 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Eva 5 years ago 4
I tried the trial version of voki classroom, I had heard about the application and was really eager to use in my school. I entered my credit card info and the automatic inoice was showing that I was charged for $0 for 15 days. Then my bank sent me a text message that I was charged.
I am really sorry to have had such a bad start to your website. Do you really think that you can keep a sustainable number of clients by making such mistakes??

I would like to have an immediate refund please. I will use the trial version for 13 more days and then I will decide according to my experiences with my students, regardless of this bad experience.

My username is shuleozcan@hotmail.com



esta bueno

Sebastian Mayer 5 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Eva 5 years ago 2
mu vueno voki

no link

Justin Conley 5 years ago • updated by Eva 5 years ago 2
I didn't get the actovation link my email is justin.conley@gx.camden.k12.ga.us