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it is super amazing like omg

Faith Gordon 3 years ago 0
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Why can't I view my Vokis? and why can't publish them or create new ones?

Rosa Del Vento 3 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 2
I created some Vokis in November and in January. They were trials. Now I would like to learn how to embed them onto the school website, but I can't even view them anymore. Could you, please, help?

Embedded Voki not showing on an android device

uingame 3 years ago • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 1
I'm a technology teacher. My students created vokis, they've embedded them on a wix web site (both ways voki allows). They've created an android application using appinventor2 that opens that website. The voki page is shown but not the voki itself. They also tried using the voki link but same thing.

Such a disappointment they had.

Bottom line, the question is:
Any way to see a voki on an andorid (not using puffin academy which is very buggy with the voki app).



Anchitia Flanagan 3 years ago 0
i need my new password to my email address for voki

Video capture - is it allowed to do it?

Melanie Bartunek 4 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated 4 years ago 3

I am a teacher at a German school and I love your vokis. They are nothing short of fantastic :)

I have got a questions about the conditions under which I can use them for educational, non-commercial purposes.

I am creating an interactive scorm-packet with Adobe Captivate.
The topic is American and British English.
I would love to include one American and one British Voki - talking to each other about the pictures in the middle (pavement <> sidewalk...).

I cannot use Voki Presenter to do that - I have to use Captivate.
Thanks to your blog I know how to do a screen capture. But am I really allowed to use these videos that way I want to use them? Of course I would give notice of your website and link back to you, but is that enough? I would use them only for non-commercial purposes (I would put the "presentation" under CC-BY-NC-SA).

It would be great if you could clear that up for me.

Best wishes,



Mariana tobar rodriguez 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 0
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How do I copy my avatar with free Voki?

Will 2 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Gil Sideman 2 years ago 1

I want to reuse my avatar when sending individual messages to my students.

An article from 2011 http://blog.voki.com/2011/05/12/how-to-copy-a-voki/ shows a method of emailing a copy to myself and saving it. Is this still the best way to reuse the avatar I created when I want to just change the audio and send a new message to another student?

Related question one: If I send a message via email and then edit my Voki to add a recorded message for a second student and publish (save) and send it to my second student, will my first student still be able to hear her message or will she now hear student two's message?

Related question two: Do the presenter or classroom versions allow you to copy/reuse your avatar in an easier fashion than emailing a copy to yourself?

Thanks. This is a great product. I'm teaching part time and if I get more students, I might want to upgrade.

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System Requirements?

Barbie Nall 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 2
What are the official system requirements for Voki? My students reach the page, but the Voki does not appear. Is this a Flash issue?
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How to publish my voki on facebook and my school website(k12)

Shule 3 years ago in Voki Classroom • updated by Eva 3 years ago 1
Hello Voki Team,
As a private school we always announce our latest ELT tools to public using our facebook page or school website. www.deryaoncu.k12.net
However, I cannot publish my students' or my own vokis since I don't know how to embed codes on facebook or else.
1)  Can you please give a step by step description to do it?
2)  I also tried it on e-twinning site but it says I have to convert it to iframe code.. Can you also explain this transforminf process?
3) Lastly, when I send my students their new voki assignments, I want them to see it with the avatar speaking. (again do I have to embed the codes while writing down the assignment in the box?? or how?

Thanks for your help
Sule Balkan
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I would like to embed the Voki in a Google Site. What gadget do you recommend?

Laura Martin 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Sumit B 3 years ago 1
I have tried several of the embed gadgets found in the Google Sites insert menu under "more gadgets." I am been unsuccessful. I embedded voki a few years ago in my PBwiki and it worked fine. Can you help?