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Typed text in foreign language doesn't audio

Sabine Vilponen 4 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Eva 4 years ago 5
I tried to create VOKIs in Chinese and Arabic by typing text (as I don't speak those languages but need to make the VOKIs for training purpose). I can hear the audio text whilst editing, but I can't save it. There is no sound in the final VOKI. What to do?

Video capture - is it allowed to do it?

Melanie Bartunek 4 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated 4 years ago 3

I am a teacher at a German school and I love your vokis. They are nothing short of fantastic :)

I have got a questions about the conditions under which I can use them for educational, non-commercial purposes.

I am creating an interactive scorm-packet with Adobe Captivate.
The topic is American and British English.
I would love to include one American and one British Voki - talking to each other about the pictures in the middle (pavement <> sidewalk...).

I cannot use Voki Presenter to do that - I have to use Captivate.
Thanks to your blog I know how to do a screen capture. But am I really allowed to use these videos that way I want to use them? Of course I would give notice of your website and link back to you, but is that enough? I would use them only for non-commercial purposes (I would put the "presentation" under CC-BY-NC-SA).

It would be great if you could clear that up for me.

Best wishes,

Under review

How do I copy my avatar with free Voki?

Will 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 1

I want to reuse my avatar when sending individual messages to my students.

An article from 2011 http://blog.voki.com/2011/05/12/how-to-copy-a-voki/ shows a method of emailing a copy to myself and saving it. Is this still the best way to reuse the avatar I created when I want to just change the audio and send a new message to another student?

Related question one: If I send a message via email and then edit my Voki to add a recorded message for a second student and publish (save) and send it to my second student, will my first student still be able to hear her message or will she now hear student two's message?

Related question two: Do the presenter or classroom versions allow you to copy/reuse your avatar in an easier fashion than emailing a copy to yourself?

Thanks. This is a great product. I'm teaching part time and if I get more students, I might want to upgrade.

Under review

System Requirements?

Barbie Nall 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 2
What are the official system requirements for Voki? My students reach the page, but the Voki does not appear. Is this a Flash issue?
Under review

I would like to embed the Voki in a Google Site. What gadget do you recommend?

Laura Martin 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Sumit B 3 years ago 1
I have tried several of the embed gadgets found in the Google Sites insert menu under "more gadgets." I am been unsuccessful. I embedded voki a few years ago in my PBwiki and it worked fine. Can you help?
Under review

I can't upload and save a WMA file for the Voice. Help!

ad adanderson 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Gil Sideman 3 years ago 3
When I try to upload and save a WMA file, it seems to upload but doesn't appear in the "Saved" box. I also tried to use a mic - the STOP button didn't work and it wasn't recording

IO error

Ali and Company 4 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Eva 4 years ago 5
Whenever I try to upload an audio file to my voki avatar it turns back with the following error message:
"Please check that the file you are uploading is not being used exclusively by another application, and try again. (IO error)"
I've tried the following solutions but to no avail.
- Making sure that the uploaded file isn't used with another application.
- Restarting the computer sever times before visiting the voki.com again.
- Freeing the computer/browser memory.
- Freeing my voki memory (if any), I've deleted a couple of the stored audio files.
- Trying to uploading files while logging to voki.com from a different browser.
- I even have created an new account but the problem is still there.
I appreciate your swift response as our students are awaiting for the new lesson to be published today.
Thank you

Trouble creating Voki

jrich1 3 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Sumit B 3 years ago 1

This should be the easy part, but I just can't figure it out. When I try to create a new Voki, there is a box over the part of the screen to select a new character. If I use the defautl one, it is covered by the box. Anysuggestions??


Emailing Voki videos not working

Anita Amelia Devine 4 years ago in Voki FAQs • updated by Eva 4 years ago 2
I have the free version of voki. I tried emailing my completed videos to two different email addresses under two servers and am not receiving the email. I checked my spam folder as well. It is not there either.