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I checked with support and the issue which affected this customer was resolved at the time, and I will mark it here as fixed. Please let me know if you still encounter a problem.

Jill - 

Yes this problem affected some devices, and has now been fixed with a new release of the iOS Voki app. 

Please update your Voki app - and let us know if you encounter any further problems.



Hello - 

We do not display ads to our paying subscribers and their students. 

We do display our Voki logo with pride, and we do not consider it to be an 'ad' - though I can see how one might disagree. Many paid products display the creator's logo, both online and offline. From vehicles to sneakers to software products - this is not unusual.

We offer a non-labeled & white labeled version of our speaking characters under our SitePal product which is intended for business use.  Please check it out at -



Hello Daniel - No this should not be the case.

We have since updated the recording software and cleared up some problems.

Please let us know if you still experience any problem when trying to record.