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avatar not speaking website embed

Lee 2 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 2 months ago 6


He speaks fine here, albeit with a slight delay in the beginning.


But not at all here, despite clear support for the plugin. 


Other avatars on PBWorks are working fine so far.


and at the moment this guy just spins.


Any help appreciated.

Under review

Lee - 

I'll have an engineer look at it tomorrow and advise.

Curious - is there a reason you are using the deprecated Flash embed code (and not the standard HTML5) ?



Lee - 

The problem was that the text in those Voki Scenes was too long, longer than the 900 characters limit.

Moving forward please ensure that text longer than 900 characters is not entered.

We implemented a partial solution - if the audio is longer than 900 characters, it should not fail, but instead playback is being truncated to the closest word and the first 900 characters are spoken.

However if the input is much longer (over 1500 characters or so) then the Flash player generates a much longer request which fails to reach the server (browser limit.)  This explains the Voki scene that 'spins' forever.

Moving forward please prevent your input from exceeding 900 characters (225 for Japanese and Chinese).



Hi Lee - 

How did you create these Scenes? I'm curious because the Voki editor does not allow entering more than 900 characters (for paid account).  So how were you able to create Voki Scenes with longer text-to-speech audio?

I am not sure how I got more than 900 characters in there. It might be because the font is another language; as far as process, I just cut and paste a block of text from google translate.

I see - thanks for the info, we will look into it.