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Page is covered by ads and all buttons are unusable. Unable to close? Please advise

Renae vor 8 Jahren 0
Page is covered by advertisements and now the program has zero functionality in the create portion.

I can not effectively use the free version of Voki because of the ads blocking the choices

Diana Armstrong Lorance vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Usman Zaada vor 2 Jahren 10
Karen vor 5 Jahren

I believe the changes you made corrected the issue.  I went into my Voiki account under Firefox (I also tried Chrome last week and had the same issue), and I was able to go in and update my recording.  Thank you. 


the adds are covering the page and blocking buttons

maria canizales vor 8 Jahren 0
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There is an ad appearing right over the top of the menu

Jacqueline vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Sumit B vor 8 Jahren 1
There is an ad appearing right over the top of the menu and is making the application completely unusable. I am very disappointed, I have used this once before for an assignment and wanted to use it with my kindergarten class but cannot. What a shame.

Can't see the selections

Sherrie Beckwith vor 8 Jahren 0
There is a large banner that says start customizing your avatar that blocks the choices and half of the avatar person. I've downloaded the stop ad to see if that helps and although it blocked the ads, your banner remains. The only choice to remove the banner is to click Teachers Get Started but that just takes you back to the page in which to sign up. I want a free avatar to try it out before I give my credit card information/pay.
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Ads blocking tools

TLSE vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Gil Sideman vor 8 Jahren 3
I cannot create a voki because of a pop-up ad that blocks my ability to use the tools. Here is a screenshot:

Image 22

Please advise as to how I can correct this? The content of the ad is not the issue!

Recording is not happening.

Sue Milroy vor 9 Jahren aktualisiert von Eva vor 9 Jahren 2
After pushing the Record button, the twirling cursor just keeps twirling and recording is not taking place. I have waited up to 2 min. and nothing happens., it just keeps twirling.

My voki's avatars are not showing up on my presentations. It takes me forever to put these together and it seems as if they work once or twice and then corrupt. Any suggestions?

RACHEL COMPTON vor 8 Jahren 0
The voki script is playing, but the avatar will not come up.  I have no idea why.  I have tried everything.  It is very frustrating. 
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Cant use Create Voki page

Elliot vor 7 Jahren aktualisiert von Gil Sideman vor 7 Jahren 3

I am using a MacBook OS X 10.9.5 and when I go to the create a Voki page the page is dominated by the 1. Start Customizing your avatar pop up box and the Sitepal add on the right of the page leaches across almost half of the page. I cannot remove the pop up box and all of the buttons are inaccessible behind it. I really hope someone can help, I was hoping to impress our staff by using Voki in our staff meeting tomorrow!

Gil Sideman vor 7 Jahren

Hi Elliot -

This is not something we are familiar with - I use a macbook regularly...

Can you post a screenshot? - might help clarify

my first suggestion is - clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.

if that fails - I suggest using a different browser (Chrome or Safari whichever one you are not using).

Let me know how goes


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This advertisement is blocking the features

Howard Franklin, Jr vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Sumit B vor 8 Jahren 1
Please remove the advertisement