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Please send a note to and we will reset your password & help you in any other way we can.

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Hi -

Please note that the vokipages service is unrelated to Voki.

Kindly address any issue to vokipages (they seem to have contact info on their website, at bottom right)



The Voki Team

You said "I do not have a automated billing activated." - so if that's the case you're good.

Note: If you have no payment method on file - then auto-billing option is not shown - it can't be activated.

If you are not sure, contact support and someone will look into it.



If you deactivate auto-billing you will not be billed, and your account will expire at the end of the free trial.

You should be all set.

Shlomit -

Was this issue ever resolved for you?



I noticed that there is an email icon on their site - at bottom right. You might want to give that a try.

Good luck,