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Yes - you can do that - but with our other product - SitePal - see www.sitepal.com

This capability is not available with Voki.


We call this feature Photoface - and it's available to Gold Plans & higher. 

Please sign up for a Free Trial to try.

Be sure to use a facial image that conforms to the guidelines for best results:

* High resolution image

* subject looking directly forward

* mouth closed (no teeth showing - slight smile ok)

* face well lit, no shadows

* no hair (or other obstruction) over face 

After you upload, several tools are available to adjust & fine tune.

Note that Photoface is designed for human faces - though we've seen customers have success with various imaginative illustrations. 



Image 173

Image 174

The question is not clear. 

Please explain what you are trying to do.



The Voki Team


Send us an email to support@voki.com and our support team will look into it. Please include a link to your invoice or the account ID or your login name (email you used to register) to allow us to identify the purchase.

Any charge within 30 days of purchase is subject to our 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked and no reason required.




Our QA have performed an extensive review trying to recreate the problem, but could not recreate. 

Further information from you would enable us to look into it further.

We're standing by,



Tha Voki Team


Can you share the link to your presentation so we can take a look? 

Either share here or send a note to support@voki.com with the relevant info.



The Voki Team

Hello Iana,
We offer video generation capability with another product - SitePal - which is designed for business use.

Using SitePal, you may select and configure your character, assign audio for the character to speak (whether recorded audio or TTS) and generate a video of it, using our "generate video" feature.

* Select the desired resolution
* Different Video formats are supported
* Generate with "Green screen" background for transparency.
* No Voki logo (or any other branding)
* many more character options to choose from, including 3D characters.
* ability to create your own characters from a photo.
* License to use the generated video commercially (which Voki does not allow).

The SitePal video generation license supports saving & storing the generated mp4 videos on your servers, as well as incorporating them into your own media (e.g. tutorials, presentations). The license provides you with perpetual rights to use the videos that you generate, even after your SitePal subscription ends.

Video generation is available with our SitePal Platinum or SitePal Gold plans.

Please see www.sitepal.com/pricing for details.

Hope this helps, please let me know if any questions.
All the best,

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