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Precisely so.

The way they (Wix) handle embed code requires a bit of extra effort.

You need to surround your embed code with standard web page HTML tags to be recognized as a valid web page.

Before your embed code add -



<title> enter your title here if you like </title>



After your embed code add -



Let me know how goes.

Maggie -

HTML tags should be added with embed code then it will work.


After publishing it can be shared via customized or free domain link.

Please note however that Voki is meant only for educational non-commercial use. To use our avatars for business please visit



Por favor envíe una nota a y le ayudaremos.



Por favor envíe una nota a y nosotros nos encargaremos de esto por usted.

Hi Maggie -

Very sorry for the inconvenience. Please send a note to - so that we can look into it & clear it up.


Hi -

The Voki character library is the solution. The character library was implemented in 2014 and widely used ever since. Once you create and save your character to the library, you can then reuse it.

Unfortunately the character library is currently 'down for maintenance' - as we are updating the editor, it became necessary to block access temporarily. We expect it will be back within a few weeks.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



The Voki Team