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Here's what you should do - 

1. Sign up on to any of our paid subscriptions.

2. Login to your Voki account at, go to Voki Classroom - and add your students.

Note: each student is automatically assigned a username & password. You can easily print out a list of all student access credentials for your reference.

3. Download the app from the AppStore in each of the devices.

It is not recommended to use the same Apple ID on multiple devices, as an ID is designed for personal use.  Also - the number of devices is limited per ID - and it will be very difficult for you to manage.

Apple does offer a solution for schools - which is probably the best way to go in managing Apple IDs and downloads on multiple devices. See:

4. In the Voki app, students should login using their personal credentials. If the devices are not personal - I would suggest having the students login at the start of the lesson/activity - and logout when done.

The login option is found under the options menu at top right.

In you Voki account - you can create assignment for your class, and your students, once they login, can view their assignments and submit their created Voki to the assignment for your review. You will then be able to review all student assignments in your Voki account (in Voki Classroom).

Note: All students will have full and unlimited access to all Voki characters and features when they login using your account credentials - your (single) paid subscription covers the entire class.

Hope this helps,



The Voki Team

Hello Damalu!

It would be best if you wrote directly to so that we may further advise. If needed we will schedule a screen share session to help resolve.



The Voki Team


This is odd. Our QA reviewed and were able to add students without any problem in several of our test accounts. 

Does this still happen if you try now? 

Please try to log out and login again and then try.

Let me know if you still see the problem.



The Voki Team

Gema - 

This has been fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience. Voki signup is functioning again. 

Best regards,


The Voki Team

Hi Gema - we see the problem & are looking into it. I'll let you know when resolved.

No podemos recrear de inmediato un problema al guardar / agregar audio.
¿Puede aclarar qué tipo de audio está agregando: conversión de texto a voz, grabación por teléfono, carga?
¿Qué navegador y plataforma estás usando?
Háganoslo saber. ¡Gracias!


Hello !

We are not immediately able to recreate a problem when saving/adding audio.

Can you please clarify - which type of audio are you adding: text-to-speech, record-by-phone, upload?

Which browser and platform are you using?

Please let us know. Thanks!


Different Voki characters support different color options, including: skin, hair, eys, mouth, makeup

The only way to know what color options are available for a specific character is to try. If skin color is available for that fish, then it is supported !

Please try & enjoy Voki ! 



The Voki Team

Hi Laine - 

Just to verify - did you select the "No JS" embed code?

Please send a note to and attach a screenshot of what you see - or a link to the Genially presentation where the problem can be seen. We will look into it & advise.