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Cathy - which ad specifically are you referring to?

Can you post a link or screen shot to make it clear?

Voki Team
Hi Melanie - 
That's not currently possible in Voki, sorry! 
We do have another speaking character product, SitePal, which supports detailed controls via an API and will allow you to control facial movement. Unlike Voki, SitePal is not free - and its features are somewhat different, so depending on your needs it may or may not be a good fit. Check it out at www.sitepal.com
Voki Team
Susan - we received the information and audios, thank you!

Myself and three other people just uploaded all 6 of the audios that you sent - all successfully, on different computers, and using different browsers, including a configuration just like yours. So we are unable to replicate a problem.

Clearly the problem is not with the audios themselves.

Sounds like you have tried many different things to get this to work.
My suggestion is to try a few more - 
* copy the files over to a different drive - and try again (e.g. copy to a thumb drive)
* try from a different computer
* try from a different location (e.g. from home) 

Also (this is unlikely to make a difference) - 
* try upgrading to the most recent version of Flash (the version you are using is a bit old)

Trying these things will help isolate the problem - whether it is an issue with the storage location (disk) the files are on, the computer, or the office network.

I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulty - please let us know what you discover.

Susan - our support team is asking if you could please go to 

and generate a pdf report and send it to us with the audio.
This will help us get to the bottom of it.
Hi Nate - 
Nice page and a good cause!
I'm sorry my German is quite poor.

I see you included a link to Voki at the bottom - it would be better to include the Voki itself, so people would see it and only need to click on it to hear it speak. To do so - copy your Voki's embed code and paste it into your pages html code at the bottom of the page (before the BODY closing tag).

Try it - and let us know if you see a problem.


Susan - 
We can't immediately recreate this problem. Can you please send us the audio file you are trying to upload? 
send it to support@voki.com - and include a link to this conversation.
Hi Gail - 
I am so sorry to hear.
We are not aware of any outage or issue affecting Voki yesterday or today.

Our systems are continuously monitored - so we would know if there was a problem.
Furthermore - we did not receive similar reports from other users.

My best guess is some local configuration change (at your school). 

Try again - at school (and at home) - and if you still see a problem call your IT department to advise.
Please let me know what you discover We are all disturbed when hearing of any bad experience affecting Voki users. 

Voki Team

Melanie - 
Are you still seeing this problem?
We would love to learn more - can you please post the information Sumit asked for?
If you prefer please send the information to support@voki.com

Voki Team
Hi Brettannia - 

If you can't find your Voki character - The response here may help - 

Basically - if you are logged in, you can go to your "my voki" page and see your Vokis and republish them if necessary.

However - if you mean that you published your Voki but it did not appear where you expected it to - if so - please provide more information - how did you try to publish, to which destination ? i.e. did you publish to Facebook? To Twitter? Did you copy paste the embed code?
Can you post the permalink to your Voki Scene? 
We'll take a look

The Voki Team
Hello - 
might be best to contact support@voki.com & provide more info. Would be great to receive a link to the Voki Scene - where we can hear the audio in question. Also - how did you record, by microphone? by phone? How long is the audio?