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I have been trying to contact Voki via Support as well as sending private messages here and have had no response. PLEASE COntact me regarding my account.

Holly 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

I have been trying to cancel my account for days and have received no response from you via email, facebook, or community. Please contact me!

Under review

Apologies - emails sometimes get stuck in spam. I assume you wrote to support@voki.com?

If you wrote on Friday, we will likely respond over the weekend. If you wrote earlier and still have not heard back - please send another note, and cc also feedback@voki.com.

We'd like to help - thanks for your patience.


Hi Gil, I sent the first message to support on the 20th, then another on Friday. I sent both through the online form at the voki website, to avoid the spam issue. Should I just send one to feedback? Is there any way you can direct someone to contact me

Please send again directly to support@voki.com & cc feedback@voki.com.

Our support team does work on the weekend (in reduced capacity) so someone should respond before monday. I will ask them to keep an eye out for your note. Thanx!

Ok, will do, thank you