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unable to add new students into my classroom

coolenglishhelp 3 года назад в Voki Classroom обновлен Gil Sideman 3 года назад 1

Hi, I was just trying to add a new student into my classroom.

However, when I clicked the "add" button, it turned out to show "500 Origin Error".(See screenshot below)

I also tried relogin and used differents computers and laptops but all in vain. All I get is "500 Origin Error".

Image 162

Please kindly help me solve this problem.

I really need to add my students into the classroom!

Thank you.

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This is odd. Our QA reviewed and were able to add students without any problem in several of our test accounts. 

Does this still happen if you try now? 

Please try to log out and login again and then try.

Let me know if you still see the problem.



The Voki Team

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