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Hope you are doing well

To stop your account, I would suggest you to please write a cancellation request to support@voki.com

Our team will process your request and send you a confirmation as well.

However, may I please know the reason for which you want to stop the subscription?

Waiting for your kind response


Hi Dama, hope you are doing well.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Just to confirm, is this email address: dama.hamrick@orendaeducation.org associated with your Voki account?

Also, is this issue happening with all the students?

Please confirm


Hi Hawest,

Hope you are doing well.

1) If you want to embed your Voki to canvas LMS then please go through this link once: https://www.voki.com/pdf/Voki_Embed_Instructions.pdf

It includes the embedding instructions for various platforms.

Simply, scroll down to page 5, you will get the embedding instructions for canvas LMS

2) If you are trying to share a link of your Voki classroom assignment to canvas LMS for your students.

Well, unfortunately, that's not possible.

You simply need to add the students to your Voki classroom and assign the assignments to them.

Once assigned, your students will login to their Voki accounts (using their credentials shared by you) and see the assignment.

When they will complete the assignment and submit it, you will be able to check it in your account under REVIEW section (in classroom tab)

Hope it helps

For any further queries, feel free to write us on support@voki.com


Hi Laine,

Please try removing cache cookies from your browser and then try.
Here's how to remove cache cookies -

And while getting the embed code for your Voki, please make sure that you are getting the "No JavaScript code"

It works perfectly fine.

In case the issue still persists, please feel free to write us on support@voki.com

We will be more than pleased to assist you to fix it.


Hi Laine-

Hope you are doing well

Please follow the below steps to insert your Voki into your Genially presentation:

1) Login to your Voki account and open the Voki that you would like to insert to Genially.

2) Click on SHARE icon for that particular Voki ( Screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/1qmb15p )

3) You will get multiple options to share your Voki, out of all those choose EMBED CODE option and then get the "No JavaScript" code ( Screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/1qmb3h2 )

4) Now, get back to your Genially account and create a presentation.

5) After selecting template and page for your presentation, you will be redirected to a new window where you will be able to start your presentation

6) On the left of your screen, you will see multiple options (i.e. dashboard), you simply need to click on INSERT and then on OTHERS. It will allow you to paste your embed code in there. (Screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/1qmb9p9 )

Once done, simply save it or publish it.

Hope it helps

If you still experience any trouble with your Voki, please feel free to write us on support@voki.com
We will be more than pleased to assist you further


Hi Mairi,
Hope you are doing well

If I understand you correctly then you are looking to add your Voki character to your Voki presentation slides and then download that presentation as a video by recording your screen.

If that is the case, then yes, you can do that.

To understand how to use Voki Presenter - and add your Voki character to the Voki Presentation - please review: https://www.voki.com/site/support and then scroll down to  "Getting started with the Voki Presenter" section. You will see a guide and video tutorial to help you get started with Voki Presenter.

Regarding downloading the presentation as a video, there is no built in feature to do so, but  there are many screen capture utilities that you can use (many of them free).  Note that screen capture is not officially supported in Voki, but, if you are a Voki Customer, and as long as it is done for teaching purposes, then it is fine.

I hope this helps.
If you have additional questions feel free to contact us at support@voki.com.



Hope you are doing well

To hide your assignment, you will need to simply follow the below steps:

- Login to your voki account

- Go to CLASSROOM and then choose CLASSES section. Here is the screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/1047c75

- In CLASSES section, you will see the assignments assigned to the classes. In front of all the assignment, you will notice an option saying ARCHIVE, here is the screenshot for reference: https://prnt.sc/1047cor

- Simply mark this archive option if you want to hide the assignment

Hope it helps

Please feel free to write us email to support@voki.com for any further queries

Best regards


Very Good Morning, Sofia. 

To publish your voki,  got to MY VOKI list and then click on SHARE button and then you will get multiple options to share it.

You can either copy the URL and paste it to the page where you want your VOKI to display.

Or you can copy the embed code of the VOKI and then paste it in the HTML page of your website under the <body> tag.

And, if in case you still need other assistance, please feel free to write us on support@voki.com.

We will be more than pleased to assist you further.