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How can I post a link to my Voki classroom assignment in our LMS?

hawest 3 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Gurpreet Singh (Voki Support) 3 years ago 1
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Hi Hawest,

Hope you are doing well.

1) If you want to embed your Voki to canvas LMS then please go through this link once: https://www.voki.com/pdf/Voki_Embed_Instructions.pdf

It includes the embedding instructions for various platforms.

Simply, scroll down to page 5, you will get the embedding instructions for canvas LMS

2) If you are trying to share a link of your Voki classroom assignment to canvas LMS for your students.

Well, unfortunately, that's not possible.

You simply need to add the students to your Voki classroom and assign the assignments to them.

Once assigned, your students will login to their Voki accounts (using their credentials shared by you) and see the assignment.

When they will complete the assignment and submit it, you will be able to check it in your account under REVIEW section (in classroom tab)

Hope it helps

For any further queries, feel free to write us on support@voki.com