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Hi Emma -

What method did you use to create your audio?

did you use Text-To-Speech, record by Microphone or record by phone?

Hi -

Please send a note to and we'll sort it out for you.



The Voki Team

Hi Karin -

How can we help?

Debi -

Please send a note to - and include a link to your Voki Scene that fails to load - we'd love to take a look.



The Voki Team

Hi Claudio -

please send a note to and we will take care of it for you.

Take care,


The Voki Team

Seems like you just did (post)

what seems to be the problem?

Hi Lanise -

I'm sorry you lost access to your favorite avatar!

There is no simple technical way to enable the (now premium) avatar for your free account.

But if you send us your email we will upgrade you up to a complementary Voki Presenter account that will enable you to access your avatar. Also - you might enjoy Voki Presenter :-)

Please send to - and reference this thread.



The Voki Team

Hi -
I'd like to add that it is not always desirable to have the character read verbatim what's on the page.
In many (perhaps most) cases one would want to have the character present an overview, or present the same information in a different way - perhaps elaborating on certain points.
That is why we do not have the character simply read the text on the page, but we leave it to you to specify what the Voki character should say.
Hope this helps,Gil
Hi Peter -

This seems to be a limitation introduced by your school.
You need to ask your administrator to whitelist the and domains - that should hopefully resolve the issue.

The only other suggestion I can make is to try using a different web browser & try on a different computer.
If you see the same problem - then this is definitely a schoolwide issue that can only be resolved by your network admin.

Please let us know how goes.
The Voki Team

Hi Karen, Tamsin -

I think that the problem might be a misunderstanding of how Voki Classroom functions.
The teacher is not supposed to be adding Vokis to the class page.

In Voki Classroom the teacher creates assignments for students. It is the students who create Vokis (for their assignments) which are then automatically posted to the class assignment page once approved by the teacher.

To get more information on how this works I recommend viewing the Voki Classroom video tutorials on the Voki Learn page -
There are four video lessons (center bottom of page) - they are short and painless.

I hope this helps!
If still unclear or if I misunderstood the problem - please provide a step by step explanation of your actions - and I will do my best to further advise.
The Voki Team