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Disappointed with Customer Support

anonymous 8 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 1

When I send emails to Voki, I expect to receive responses in a timely manner. It should NOT take weeks for Voki to acknowledge customers' emails sent to support@voki.com or feedback@voki.com.

Under review

Hi Susan -

support@voki.com is our official customer support address - and you should expect to receive a response within 2 working days (though we usually respond on the same day and monitor emails on weekends).

If you have not received a response from support, please monitor your email junk folder - sometimes emails get categorized as spam.

feedback@voki.com is not a support vehicle, but a way for customers to provide well.. feedback.

We review the incoming emails carefully, discuss them, and usually respond, but without specific urgency.

This week the person who normally monitors feedback is out on vacation - and that might be why you have not received a response.

Is there any way I can help or advise?