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Please send again directly to support@voki.com & cc feedback@voki.com.

Our support team does work on the weekend (in reduced capacity) so someone should respond before monday. I will ask them to keep an eye out for your note. Thanx!

Apologies - emails sometimes get stuck in spam. I assume you wrote to support@voki.com?

If you wrote on Friday, we will likely respond over the weekend. If you wrote earlier and still have not heard back - please send another note, and cc also feedback@voki.com.

We'd like to help - thanks for your patience.


Hi Annie - Got it - I understand exactly what you are doing. So at the moment there is no space limit, but we will introduce such a limit at some point soon, that will prevent you from accumulating more than a handful of Scenes. The best solution is to purchase a paid account, where this functionality will not be limited. At $29 a year you will be all set. Hope this makes sense.

Hi Annie -

At the moment there isn't - but this will change before long. Free Voki users will be limited to between 5 to 10 saved Voki Scenes (yet to be determined).

Hope this helps,


Please send a note to support@voki.com and we will take care of it.

Please note that when you sign up for our paid service, if you choose paypal as your mode of payment, then you must authorize subscription payments to proceed. Which you must have done, or we would not have been able to bill you.

Regardless, all our subscribers are covered by 30 day money back guarantee - no reason required. As noted above, pls send a note to support. Thank you!

Please send a note to support@voki.com and we will help you out.


Frances -

For any of your Vokis or Presentations, in the "My Voki" page, or in your "Presentation List" - select the "Share" option. The 'Embed Code' is one of the Share options.

Hope this helps, let me know if unclear.



Unfortunately you can't do so at present.

We are looking at adding this capability - but for now you would need to recreate your presentation in your Voki Presenter account.



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