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This is odd.

PLease try clearing your browser cache and if this still happens contact support@voki.com and we will help you out.

Hello - 

I checked in with our support dept and they were not able to immediately identify your previous discussion with them two weeks ago.  Did you write to support@voki.com ? Whom did you interact with?  It would be very helpful to know. 

Regarding the problem you are experiencing - please let em know the platform and browser you are working on.

We are aware of a problem on Chromebook. We are working on it. are you working on Chromebook?

If not - I suggest to clear your browser cache and try again - 


Let me know if that resolved the problem for you.




Hola -
Me registré con nuestro departamento de apoyo y no fueron capaces de identificar inmediatamente su discusión previa con ellos hace dos semanas. ¿Has escrito a support@voki.com? ¿Con quién interactuaste? Sería muy útil saberlo.

En cuanto al problema que está experimentando, por favor, hágales saber la plataforma y el navegador en el que está trabajando.

Estamos al tanto de un problema en la Chromebook. Estamos trabajando en ello. ¿Estás trabajando en la Chromebook?
Si no, sugiero que borre el caché del navegador y vuelva a intentarlo.

Déjeme saber si eso resolvió el problema para usted.

Hi - 

I am sorry you are experiencing a problem.  We are not aware of a problem with saving audios in Voki.

I will look into it & check in with customer support and get back to you.




Hola -
Siento que experimentes un problema. No somos conscientes de un problema con el ahorro de audios en Voki.
Voy a mirar en él y el registro con el apoyo al cliente y volver a usted.


please send a note to support@voki.com and we will take care of it for you.

Hi - 

When you sign up we authorize your credit card (so that we may be able to charge it later, without storing your CC information).

Some cc providers hold the funds when an authorization takes place, and it might therefore appear to you as if we charged you. We did not.

Regardless - we agree this is not a great method and we are in the process of implementing a better solution. For now, if you wish we can void the authorization for you, and your cc provider will release the hold.

If we do so - you will need to extend your account manually at the end of the free trial.

Let us know if you would like us to void the authorization on your credit card, by sending us a note to support@voki.com.



The Voki Team

Nice!  Love it!

I think the blog could benefit from using a Voki character as a narrator.




¡Bien! ¡Quiéralo!
Creo que el blog podría beneficiarse de usar un personaje de Voki como narrador.

Precisely so.

The way they (Wix) handle embed code requires a bit of extra effort.

You need to surround your embed code with standard web page HTML tags to be recognized as a valid web page.

Before your embed code add -



<title> enter your title here if you like </title>



After your embed code add -



Let me know how goes.