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Apologies for the inconvenience.

Maintenance was being performed last night, and services were temporarily unavailable. 

Please try again now.



The Voki Team

Hello Kendal!

The alert you received should look like the image below, and allows you to proceed to login by clicking on the "Log Out Of Other Devices" button.

This alert does not necessary indicate any nefarious activity - it is most likely your own prior logins that have piled up. 

A few words of technical explanation:  Voki limits concurrent use to two user devices, and this is based on login activity. When you login we identify the device as logged in, and when you log out we clear that identification. If you login but do not log out (just close the tab or navigate away for example) - that identification remains listed, and is picked up again when you come back to Voki.  But in some cases, if too much time has elapsed or browser cookies have been cleared, or a different browser is used, your new login may be identified as a new device, even when the previous identification remains listed. 

So it's perfectly ok to use the "log out of all other devices" button and proceed to login. 

If you did that and you are still unable to login, please send us a note at support@voki.com - and include a screenshot of what you see. We will look into it and advise asap.



The Voki Team

Image 172


Your Voki character should play on any device.

Can you post a link to your Voki - the same one that does not play on your laptop? 

This will alllow us to review and advise further.



The Voki Team

Hello Fiona,

Account deactivation is not the same as removing all your data.

When a user inactivates their subscription, the user still has access to login to their account, and can use their account in Basic (Free) mode. The user may also wish at some point to re-activate their subscription. This is normal.

If you would like all your data to be removed & account deleted please send a note to support@voki.com and specifically ask for that - and our support will take care of that for you.



Hi Maria - 

Please send us a note to support@voki.com & provide this info - our support specialist will take a look and advise.

We'll sort this out for you I'm sure.

Please include the email used for signing up and any other email used by your school when providing you access.



The SitePal Team


Hi Sola -
Thank you for the kind words! They are much appreciated.

What Voki does with TTS is engineered to be real-time - instant response whenever speech is requested. Even if the text is delivered on the fly. This is a unique requirement & satisfying it comes with some limits.

That's why there's a limit to the length of each audio request.

But please note that you can work around this limitation to a certain extent by using multiple slides in Voki Presenter.

If you have something lengthy to say (or for your character to speak) - create several slides in a Presentation, designed to auto- advance - and break your long narrative into byte size chunks.

It might even improve the delivery of the material.

I hope this helps.
Best regards,

The VokiTeam

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