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Hello - 

I'm afraid that's not possible in Voki Presenter, as only one avatar can be present on each slide.

We've considered adding this ability though. Curious - if we did provide this feature, how would you use it? Any example you can think if would be helpful for us to understand the potential usefulness of this feature.



The Voki Team

Hi Manuela - 

I'm marking this issue as completed as I've not heard back.

Let me know if I can further assist.



Hello Elina - 

I believe you are referring to what we call the Gallery Image 

The Gallery Image is intended to be a wide panoramic image - and as such has wide aspect ratio.

The recommended dimensions are displayed - 1500 x 470

If an image is selected that has different dimensions - we automatically position it to cover the entire area, without any distortion - that means that portions of the image are truncated. This can work well in some cases - but may not be ideal in other cases.

To avoid that, you can provide an image with the indicated dimensions - such an image will appear in its entirety.

Hope this helps,



The Voki team

Image 100

Hello -

Did clearing browser cache and cookies help? 

Please let me know if you still experience a problem. If so we will look more closely into it.

btw - our QA have performed some testing and were not able to recreate a problem.

Best regards,


The Voki Team


We are not aware of a general problem affecting Voki users.

For starters I suggest clearing your browser cache & cookies, and trying again. This sometimes helps.

Here's how - 


If this does not resolve the problem - can you please share the presentation in which this problem is evident?

Select sharing options and choose the "copy URL" option and post it here.

If you are reluctant to share in a public forum - please send an email to support@voki.com and we will look into it asap.