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Hi Val - 

Unfortunately not at present.

This feature is being considered for future updates.



Jorge - 

Not sure - we'll look into this & advise.

Please open a ticket with support to ensure proper follow up.

Send a note to support@voki.com


Rachel - 
This issue has been addressed. I'm sorry it caused you inconvenience.

All so called "special characters" (eg characters with accents) should now be handled correctly in French and any other language.

Please let me know if you notice any problem.



Hello Nahla - 

The Avatars themselves & their appearance is completely independent of the voice that you assign to them.

As we all know - it is impossible to know what language/ accent a person (or animal/robot/unicorn :-))  speaks just by their appearance.  In the same way, our Voki characters can speak with any voice you choose to assign to them.

Hope this helps,



The Voki Team

Hi Rachel - 

Yes, our support responded incorrectly - but they also transferred this issue on for engineering review. We are looking at this now. Please allow a day or two more for us to get back to you with a solution. We will respond to your support query.



The Voki Team


Please send a note to support@voki.com - and we will provide.



To download the Voki App, goto voki.com and scroll to the bottom of the homepage - see "Get The App" 

Or, directly on your mobile device - search AppStore or PlayStore for "Voki for Education".

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