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90 seconds on my mp3 audios

Jorge 2 года назад в Voki Presenter обновлен Gil Sideman 2 года назад 4


I have the paid version, and I can´t upload audios between 60 and 90 seconds. But weeks ago, there was no problem. Is it a bug? If so, when will that be fixed?
Thank you.

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Jorge - 

Not sure - we'll look into this & advise.

Please open a ticket with support to ensure proper follow up.

Send a note to support@voki.com


Hello Jorge - 

Apologies for the delay in posting a response. We did check (at the time) - and we checked again now.

Our QA review was unable to recreate this problem - audios up to 90 seconds long can be created and uploaded by paid customers.

If you are still seeing this problem - please let me know and we will take a closer look.



It was solved time ago, but yesterday again I got that message. I couldn´t even upload audio files with chrome, had to sign in with firefox, and then upload. Please, fix that, I can´t loose so much time, that´s why I´m paying the license.
Thank you.

Jorge - 

Please try to clear your browser cache and cookies on Chrome (you will need to login again after doing so)

That may very well solve the problem.

Let me know,



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