How do I Insert image on the page-it not be a back ground images that takes up the whole page-how can I add a second voki to a page

Anthony Studebaker 10 ár síðan updated by Hanna 6 mánuður síðan 10
I am an author of a book- want to create a slide show where I insert an image set to the a certain size I choose-not as a huge background image-insert a second voki, I want the image in the middle- a voki on each side of the image explaining what the images is all about
Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your feedback. We unfortunately do not have the ability to add and re-size an image, or have two Vokis on one slide. These are great suggestions and they will be considered for future updates to the product!

If you have any other questions, feedback, or ideas please feel free to reach out.

Come on Eric not being able to re size an image on a page, this is so 1990's web site era technology of not being able to do this? Eric young punk teens hacks using Kiddie code could take care of -fix this problem?
I can't believe that you can't post images to the Presenter.  I'm in the trial phase right now and will probably not use it if that's the case.  That's an easy fix...
Jennifer - 
This feature is coming. We can't do everything at once unfortunately - we are a small team. 
Thank you for your patience!
Voki Team
Am  so happy to see that posting images and resizing is coming!!!  My Voki characters need some props. Thank you so much for your hard work and for appreciating educators!  I have been working so hard on my Voki's that now I dream in Vokiland!

Oh, almost forgot my suggestions.
1. In Voki presenter, it would be nice if there was a print button for the text box (the box you write the voice script in). It is really hard to remember what you have written if the piece is long. That text box is a little cumbersome to use, too. Perhaps, you can figure out something.  It wasn't such a big deal when all you could put in was 90 seconds but with Presenter we could do some amazing things as long as we can see our script. ; )

2. I would like to see two voki's on the same page. Great for dialogue.

3. In Presenter sometimes I loose a slide every now and then. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, it is my computer, or a bug. Has anyone else had this problem?  Sometimes my slides don't save and I have to redo it. Very strange.  

Thank you! 

I love Voki!!!

So...how much text can I put in the text box? I thought I was allowed more than 90 seconds but I am having some difficulty. Did I misunderstand? Perhaps, you meant unlimited text because of unlimited slides in Presenter. Then each slide is only 90 seconds. Do I have the correct understanding now? If that is the case, can you please allow longer text messages for teachers. Thank you!
Hi Susan,

Thank you for your support! 

We will definitely take a note of your suggestions for Voki and Voki Presenter!

As for losing a slide, can you give me a little more detail about the issue? Are you losing the slide while you are creating or after you created the slide?

You can put about 900 characters into the TTS section for a Voki. It is unlmited because of the unlimited slides in presenter!

The Voki Team


I just wanted to follow up on if the feature of uploading your own image is available now. I tried to look for it on my own, but could not find it. Thank you in advance for your help.