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Elina 5 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 2

How can I make a picture to fit as hangout image? I am uploading it but only a part of it appears,  is there a way I can resize it to fit?
Thanks in advance! 

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Hello Elina - 

I believe you are referring to what we call the Gallery Image 

The Gallery Image is intended to be a wide panoramic image - and as such has wide aspect ratio.

The recommended dimensions are displayed - 1500 x 470

If an image is selected that has different dimensions - we automatically position it to cover the entire area, without any distortion - that means that portions of the image are truncated. This can work well in some cases - but may not be ideal in other cases.

To avoid that, you can provide an image with the indicated dimensions - such an image will appear in its entirety.

Hope this helps,



The Voki team

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