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question inflection...

Molly hace 3 años en Voki Presenter actualizado por Gil Sideman hace 3 años 1

I want a voki to use a question inflection...i.e., to ask a question.  Simply adding a question mark does not do this.  How do I achieve this?

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Hi Molly -

Many of our voices automatically apply question inflection, when speaking a question.

In other cases, the question mark does impact the inflection (but not always).

Try for example the following texts- 

   "Is it up to us?" 

   "Do you like roses?"

Use the voice Julie or Beth or Bridget for example.

You will notice there is a difference when the question mark is present.

But you are right, the question mark only affects inflection in some cases not all.

I'm looking into it & will respond here if I have more information