purchased presenter BUT

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It still thinks I havent got a classroom or presenter account, so I can't do one of the premium characters and publish it. Have been messing with this for two days now - getting frustrated.  I wanted to be able to use the Voki with audio to upload for an online class, so I figured presenter was my best option. Have I purchased the wrong one?
Hi - 
Our team has identified a problem which prevents you from using Premium characters. All Voki Presenter and Voki Classroom users should have unlimited access to all characters. 
We're working to fix this. Stay tuned...
its been long enough now, I'd like to request a refund on the money I spent to have access to this for a year. Unless the problem is that NO ONE who purchases presenter has access to the upgrade options, you could have at least offered to close this account and let me start a new one. I'd like my money back and I'll find another resource.
Hi  - 
The problem is in fact affecting every Voki Presenter customer - and we are working on a fix. Unfortunately this cannot be immediately corrected - as the update needs to be both implemented and carefully tested before being applied.

We'd like to provide you with a full refund, but we will not disable your account, but keep active for 3 months extended free trial period. I hope that during this time you will get get to use the product, enjoy it, and hopefully decide to extend further.
Please write a note to support@voki.com so that we may identify your account and provide the refund.

The fix should hopefully be available within the next two weeks - but R&D priorities may push that back a bit.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
The Voki Team

I appreciate your quick response, and would have appreciated an answer like this a couple weeks ago. I will check back in, because I could really use this resource for my classes, but am disappointed that it took two weeks to get an answer or response on what is apparently a big issue.