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what is need to use the avatar in a powerpoint presentation for the classroom. I paid the subscription fee and now of the options are working for PPT2016 is this a hoax

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This is crazy i paid my money and it looks like all the help and blogs are dated - at least 3 years old. Does Voki work currently. I wanted to use my Avatar in a classroom ppt

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Hi prkelly - 

See enclosed updated instructions for powerpoint 2016 embed. 

Please let me if you run into any problem.

Also - note that support@voki.com is available to assist. This is not an official support forum, and you will usually get a faster response by sending an email to support.

Voki Embed_06-26-17.docx

Blogs tend to become outdated, as soon as they are published, so their value is limited for support purposes.

We try to keep the information on our support page fairly fresh.

Is any document on our support page outdated?