Ads blocking tools

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I cannot create a voki because of a pop-up ad that blocks my ability to use the tools. Here is a screenshot:

Image 22

Please advise as to how I can correct this? The content of the ad is not the issue!
Thanks for providing the screenshot. This is disturbing - and certainly not our intention. Needless to say we do not see this problem in our reference and QA environments.
We will investigate and advise further asap.
Could you provide us a few details about your environment? This will help us recreate and identify the reason for the problem.
* platform (mac/win/other)
* browser & version

if you could take a moment, a good way to provide us with detailed info is to go to -
and send the report to support@voki.com

does this problem always happen on your computer?
do you still see the problem if you use a different browser?