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Can I change the language to French on behalf of my students?

frenchteacher4234 8 років тому в Voki Classroom оновлено Gil Sideman 8 років тому 1

Greetings! I am a french teacher and my students love technology and creating their own comics.

I do not want them to be exposed to English, when creating their Voki presentations.

Can I change their operating language to french, to prevent the exposure to English?


Under review

Hi !

Totally understand your reasoning!

At the moment the UI is only presented in English.

(although the Voki avatars can speak in any language)

Please note however that using the editor does not rely much on language as most of the UI is visual (images) not words. Furthermore, when you create a Voki Classroom assignment for your students - they do not access the entire Voki site - but once they login most of what they see are your assignments, and your instructions, which you can write in French.

So please consider trying Voki Classroom (requires a Level 1 subscription) - and evaluate.