How do i upload a voki to a website that i manage????

nate decock fa 10 anys en Voki Presenter updated by Eva fa 10 anys 6
How do i upload a voki to a website that i manage???? I am trying, but I cannot figure it out!!!!
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Hi Nate,

What site are you trying to embed it to? Typically when you create a Voki you will see sharing options. You want take the embed code we provide and paste it on your site's code between the <body> </body> tags for where you want it to appear on your site. 
Let us know if this works of if you have any other questions.

I Manage the website : www.dontdoitpledge.yolasite.com I think it worked. 
p.s. I'd rather, if possible, if people would comment in German. 
Hi Nate - 
Nice page and a good cause!
I'm sorry my German is quite poor.

I see you included a link to Voki at the bottom - it would be better to include the Voki itself, so people would see it and only need to click on it to hear it speak. To do so - copy your Voki's embed code and paste it into your pages html code at the bottom of the page (before the BODY closing tag).

Try it - and let us know if you see a problem.