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My voki avatar that I established years ago is now only available for educators.

Lanise Hill 9 år siden i Voki FAQs opdateret af Gil Sideman 9 år siden 1

The avatar I chose back in 2011 is now only available for Voki classroom or presenters. Why can't I keep my old avatar since I established the account before that model became used primarily for educators? I happen to be an educator by the way.

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Hi Lanise -

I'm sorry you lost access to your favorite avatar!

There is no simple technical way to enable the (now premium) avatar for your free account.

But if you send us your email we will upgrade you up to a complementary Voki Presenter account that will enable you to access your avatar. Also - you might enjoy Voki Presenter :-)

Please send to support@voki.com - and reference this thread.



The Voki Team

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