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I tried the trial version of voki classroom, I had heard about the application and was really eager to use in my school. I entered my credit card info and the automatic inoice was showing that I was charged for $0 for 15 days. Then my bank sent me a text message that I was charged.
I am really sorry to have had such a bad start to your website. Do you really think that you can keep a sustainable number of clients by making such mistakes??

I would like to have an immediate refund please. I will use the trial version for 13 more days and then I will decide according to my experiences with my students, regardless of this bad experience.

My username is shuleozcan@hotmail.com


À l'étude
Hi Shule,

The charge you see on your credit card is an authorization check. You were not actually charged, but a pending transaction appeared on your card to check if sufficient funds are available. But we truly have no control over the authorization check process. Please note that the funds will be released within 3-5 business days but this really depends on the credit card and bank!

Eva D.
The Voki Team
Thanks for your answer. However, the message that my bank sent clearly states that I was actually charged, not like the earlier authorization check transactions I did before. That's why I was anxious.
Most probably I will keep using Voki after the trial ends. But I am not sure I will be charged once more, if these pending transactions are not refunded.


Hi Shule,

We have cancelled the credit card authorization. This means that at the end of the free trial period our system will not be able to charge you automatically - you will need to login and make payment to extend your account.

I am sorry about the inconvenience of the whole thing. Unfortunately, this method is the best available for charging a user's credit card belatedly, without actually saving that user's credit card information (which we do not do).

I hope you continue to enjoy Voki !

Let us know!

Eva D.
The Voki Team