after i published it i cant view my vokis

Brettannia Akers 10 år siden opdateret af Gil Sideman 10 år siden 4
i went to see my vokis and it would not let me view it when i published my vokis i was not given a code
Hi Brettannia - 

If you can't find your Voki character - The response here may help - 

Basically - if you are logged in, you can go to your "my voki" page and see your Vokis and republish them if necessary.

However - if you mean that you published your Voki but it did not appear where you expected it to - if so - please provide more information - how did you try to publish, to which destination ? i.e. did you publish to Facebook? To Twitter? Did you copy paste the embed code?
Can you post the permalink to your Voki Scene? 
We'll take a look

The Voki Team
i wasnt given a code to copy
Embed code is not given, it it available in your account for you to copy.

Though you may publish to select destinations directly (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Wordpress, and Blogger) - right below you can copy paste a general purpose "embed code" that allows you to publish to any web page.

This screenshot may help - good luck!

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