All we could do in class today was watch the loading symbol. Other sites worked. What's up? Even tried using only six kids. No luck.

Gail Potratz 10 year бұрын в Voki Classroom updated by Eva 9 year бұрын 2
Hi Gail - 
I am so sorry to hear.
We are not aware of any outage or issue affecting Voki yesterday or today.

Our systems are continuously monitored - so we would know if there was a problem.
Furthermore - we did not receive similar reports from other users.

My best guess is some local configuration change (at your school). 

Try again - at school (and at home) - and if you still see a problem call your IT department to advise.
Please let me know what you discover We are all disturbed when hearing of any bad experience affecting Voki users. 

Voki Team