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Bonnie Herold 10 years ago in Voki Classroom updated by Eva 10 years ago 4
I sent myself two of my Voki presentations and didn't receive them. I also sent them to my husband. Nothing. I'd like to share them with my students, but I'm not convinced I can.
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Hi Bonnie,

Sorry that you're having troubles sharing. Can you please tell me how you are sharing your Voki presentations and what you mean by not receiving them?

While I'm in Voki, I clicked on share and added the emails of those I wanted to share with. I'd also be happy just to send my students a link; I know I was able to do that last year.

Thanks for your help, Eric.

Hi Bonnie,

Happy to help! So to clarify, you are sending a free Voki. After creating it you chose the email option, and after sending the recipients don't get the email? Sometimes the email might get caught in Spam. I tried sending myself an email and did receive it.

Yes we have multiple ways to share your Vokis! Sending your Voki with a link should also work!