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No help from Voki Support

Lynda 4 year бұрын в Voki Classroom updated by Gil Sideman 4 year бұрын 1

I have been using Voki Classroom for several years with no problem.  Now students are unable to record for more than 30 seconds without getting the message that  time limits are exceeded.  We have tried with Chrome and Firefox.  I have repeatedly filled out the support email form and have received nothing but perfunctory messages from support.  I sent a video of the problem and received no help.  I am beyond frustrated.  Can someone PLEASE look into this?  Either back up your product support services or give me a refund. Enough is enough

Under review

Hi Lynda -

If you sent a note to support we'll get back to you. Sometimes if support is backed up it can be on the next business day.

Apologies for the inconvenience & thanks for your patience!