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Embedding Voki into Google Site

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The new Google Sites is an extremely popular (all be it simple) web site creating tool.

I have three questions:

1: What is the process for embeding a Voki character I have created (with a message for the children) into a Google Site?

2: if it isnt possible, how to create a link to my Voki only.  That means I dont want viewers/children to see: Save ; Create ; Share : 

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3: Is it possible to remove the Voki logo from the character and message I have created.  Similar to you Abrahim Lincoln on your web site.

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Please see instructions on the Voki support page - under "Voki Tips & More" near the bottom of the page - 


It is not possible to remove the Voki logo. I realize that you mentioned your intended use is non-commercial, but my only solution would be to refer you to our SitePal product, where you can in fact remove branding. Take a look and consider - and as your use is non-commercial (and educational?) I should be able to arrange for an educational discount.

Send me an email at gil@oddcast.com and we'll help you out.

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