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How do I copy my avatar with free Voki?

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I want to reuse my avatar when sending individual messages to my students.

An article from 2011 http://blog.voki.com/2011/05/12/how-to-copy-a-voki/ shows a method of emailing a copy to myself and saving it. Is this still the best way to reuse the avatar I created when I want to just change the audio and send a new message to another student?

Related question one: If I send a message via email and then edit my Voki to add a recorded message for a second student and publish (save) and send it to my second student, will my first student still be able to hear her message or will she now hear student two's message?

Related question two: Do the presenter or classroom versions allow you to copy/reuse your avatar in an easier fashion than emailing a copy to yourself?

Thanks. This is a great product. I'm teaching part time and if I get more students, I might want to upgrade.

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Hi Will -

About a year ago we introduced a "character library" for this purpose.

Save your character to the library - and then use it again and again to create different Voki scenes with different audios.

Question 1 - I think this is moot given the above info - however, if you change a Scene and then share it again, both recipients will see/hear the updated version, as the original Scene was changed. What you are sharing is a link to the actual scene - not a copy.

Question 2 - Classroom is a management environment & the question does not really apply. But for Presenter the answer is yes - when creating a Voki Presentation, you have the option of copying the presentation or individual Slides - which duplicates the character in that Slide.

However the character library is your real solution.

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

ps. Thank you for your kind comment!


Goodmorning from Greece. I want to publish my voki, i have already create and save it.

Thank you