Very Disappointed in this product

Louis Dare 9 ár síðan í Voki Presenter updated by Gil Sideman 9 ár síðan 1
I'm really quite shocked at how poor this product is? At first it looks really useful however the paid for services don't really seem to offer much extra.

Other platforms whom you are competing with offer PPT importing so you can improve what you already have rather than waste time redeveloping teaching materials.

I've just signed up for Voki Presenter and seem to have been mislead as I can only produce a 60 second Vokis and not a 90 second ones as clearly advertised and I am unable to add two Voki's onto a slide as advertised. Rather than lodge a miss selling complaint to PayPal I've simply cancelled my subscription.

However if I'm paying surely the 90 second limit is a joke right? I'd expect at least 5 minutes, and to suggest we can add several Voki's onto a slide to create an unlimited audio feed.....have you guys any idea how the mind of a learner works? We're trying to exceed expectations here, having several Voki's in a row would give such a poor end result.

Not being able to download is also a serious failing in the system. Are we now assuming all learners have access to wifi 24/7. That's quite a radical assumption and one that fails learners from poorer backgrounds.

I've tested this on an iPhone with Safari and IOS8. The slide background is displayed however the Voki will not appear. I would have expected in 2015 a paid for service to be IOS compatible??

I think for me to further consider this product the developers need to accept that in business products must be designed around the end user and not the assumptions of the development team.

Please do not take offence to my comments, my tone represents my frustration at the time wasted in trialing this product. My hope is that you will use my comments constructively and look to develop a product that is suitable for your target audience. 

Hi Louis - 
We do not take offence. Rather we on the Voki team appreciate your comments very much. Many of the points are known to us & being worked on. 

90 seconds audio for Voki Presenter is a display error - we are working to resolve (90 sec are supported, but 60 sec are displayed).
Full mobile playback compatibility and PPT import are on our list - working on it.
Export is further down that same list.
Multiple characters on a single slide is not currently a priority. Not sure we understand the benefit. Perhaps you can explain further why this is critical.

Thanks again for taking the time to write to us in such detail. Please do revisit Voki in a few months time to see how we've come along.
The Voki Team