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How to publish my voki on facebook and my school website(k12)

Shule 9 year бұрын в Voki Classroom updated by Eva 9 year бұрын 1
Hello Voki Team,
As a private school we always announce our latest ELT tools to public using our facebook page or school website. www.deryaoncu.k12.net
However, I cannot publish my students' or my own vokis since I don't know how to embed codes on facebook or else.
1)  Can you please give a step by step description to do it?
2)  I also tried it on e-twinning site but it says I have to convert it to iframe code.. Can you also explain this transforminf process?
3) Lastly, when I send my students their new voki assignments, I want them to see it with the avatar speaking. (again do I have to embed the codes while writing down the assignment in the box?? or how?

Thanks for your help
Sule Balkan
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Hi Shule,

1. It is not possible to use the embed code on Facebook. You will have to copy and paste the direct link into it. If you are planning to put the Voki on the school website, you can copy and paste the embed code into the HTML editor.
2.Can you provide me with a screenshot of the e-twinning editor so I can help you pinpoint how to add the Voki onto the site?
3. If you are sending the Voki via email, you will have to send the direct link. If you are using Voki Classroom, you can simply copy and paste the direct link into the Assignment Description box.

Eva D.
The Voki Team