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VOKI needs to talk

Sharon Bingham fa 9 anys en Voki Presenter updated by Gil Sideman fa 9 anys 2
I have setup my voki (per guide). I've created my slides and she is on every slide. I selected her voice. Is she supposed to read the slides? do I record narration for each slide? How does this work?
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Hi Sharon,
The Voki won't automatically read the text on the slide, but if you type in the same text into the text -to-speech field in the editor, then the Voki will be able to narrate the text that you have included on your slides. To get to the editor you'll want to click on the icon that looks like a head and shoulders. This will open the Voki editor. Once there, click the button that looks like the letter T on the keyboard. This will open up the text-to-speech field. This is where you can paste text you'd like your Voki to say.
Hope this helps! If you have more questions or need a visual, e-mail me at feedback@voki.com

Hi -
I'd like to add that it is not always desirable to have the character read verbatim what's on the page.
In many (perhaps most) cases one would want to have the character present an overview, or present the same information in a different way - perhaps elaborating on certain points.
That is why we do not have the character simply read the text on the page, but we leave it to you to specify what the Voki character should say.
Hope this helps,Gil