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This is from a student who had an assignment in a Hangout Topic to speak into the microphone (create a 'Thought" and then to reply to others' thoughts). She is having a lot of trouble. Do you have any ideas to help her? "I have signed into my own account I have tried numerous ways, there are 10 different audio recordings I have tried and none of them seem to work. The best I can do is a typed one where they speak it because as much as I like to talk Voki doesn't want to listen and I am utterly displeased. I have spent way to much time fussing with it for it to not work for me and I am at a great dissatisfaction with the microphone. I have tried recording it and then letting it sit and load I have tried saving it and reopening it, nothing seems to work. I press play and the audio fills the white bar like it played even though there is nothing there. I do not know what else it is that can do."

Thank you,


Hi Gil,

Thank you for the reply. Yes, it's possible that one or more of my students are using my ID. I gave them each a username and password, but they may have been getting in using mine. I'll check that.

I will definitely check out the new tutorials. I prefer Voki over other platforms.

Thank you!