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¡Hola Maria!

La interfaz de usuario de Voki está en inglés, aunque muchos de nuestros usuarios de habla hispana utilizan la extensión del navegador Google Translate para traducir automáticamente el sitio.

Tenga en cuenta que al ingresar texto para que hable el personaje de Voki, tiene la opción de seleccionar entre muchas voces en español (así como entre otros 40 idiomas). Si prefiere grabar su propia voz, para que hable el personaje de Voki, no hay restricción de idioma. Se puede utilizar cualquier idioma.

¡Espero que esto ayude!
Saludos cordiales
El equipo de Voki


Hello Maria!

The Voki user interface is in English, though many of our Spanish speaking usrs use Google Translate browser extension to automatically translate the site. 

Note that when entering text for the Voki character to speak, you have the option to select from many Spanish voices, (as well as over 40 other languages).  If you prefer to record your own voice, for the Voki character to speak, there is no language restriction. Any language can be used.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


The Voki Team

Hi Greg!

In internal review our QA  were not immediately able to recreate the problem.

It is possible this problem may be resolved by clearing browser cache. If not - we would need more details.

Which school, which teacher account, and which assignment - and we will look into it immediately.



Hi Kelso - 

We don't immediately see a problem.

Perhaps your login expired. Try to logout and login, and then try again.

If that does not do it, clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.

Let me know how goes,



The Voki Team

Right!  The "books" are intended to signify "library" :-)

Glad I was able to help!

Hi Marshall - 

Your screenshot cuts just above the button you need... :-)

Hope this helps, regards,


The Voki Team

Image 152

Please contact support@voki.com.



Oh I see. 

Though the Voki Flash editor is no longer available, it has (long ago) been replaced with a new & improved non-Flash editor.

If you had TTS audio assigned to your Scene, which you previously used to play & edit in Flash, then you can now open the same Scene in the (new) editor and do the same. In the editor's audio section you can retrieve the text used for the audio in question.

This assumes you have access to the Voki Scene in your account.

I hope this is helpful. If you need specific assistance - please send a note to support@voki.com.



Hi Louis,

We have no Voki character by that name. 

What do you mean by Transcript?  Please explain thanks!