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Diana, Chris -

Voki displays ads on the sidelines (right and left, as marked in screenshot below) - these ads are provided through Google, and are vetted by our staff to be child appropriate.
In no way do these ads interfere with the content or functionality of the page - and we do NOT run any other ads.

So if you are seeing other "nuisance" ads, popups, etc. - those are not coming from us, but might be the result of an infection on your computer, which has nothing to do with Voki. A good way to clarify would be for you to try using Voki on another computer, and see if the experience is different.

Please let us know what you discover & please post screenshots of what you see so that we may advise further.
The Voki Team

btw - the paid Voki products do not display ads.

Catherine, Terri & all -

First I'd like to say, on behalf of the whole team here how sorry we are about the inconvenience earlier today. The problem was due to a poorly executed software update to our back end software. Access was restored at about 12 noon today EST.

We at the Voki team care deeply about our product's reliability, and about your satisfaction.
I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and would like you to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure that this does not happen again.

Catherine - regarding your deadline, I am only now seeing your message and the day is pretty much over. If still relevant I'll be happy to help you out first thing tomorrow. Send a note to with the details - and also respond here to confirm that you did, and I will follow up with our support team to help you out.

The Voki Team

We're on it. Hope for a swift resolution & sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
The Voki Team
Sorry to hear you both encountered problems
If you could provide your login email we will be able to look into it and see if we can help.
Or - if you prefer pls send a note to

Barbie -
Voki works on any desktop & laptop computer, but at the moment not on mobile devices.
We are hard at work to provide a solution for mobile before long. Is the problem you are experiencing specific to mobile devices? If not - we should be able to help you quickly resolve.
Let us know
Hi Jannik,
Our QA ran a through review on all browsers on Mac and Windows - and were not able to recreate the problem.
Please send an email to and include the image as an attachment.
We want to try it with the original image file - that might help.

Your image worked for me - was able to upload no problem.
We're looking into it - will advise.
Hey - it works for me - just tried it.
Are you on Mac or PC? Can you post the image you are trying to upload?
Voki Team
Hi Michelle - 
We're not familiar with this problem - looking into it now.

Could you shoot a quick note to ? 
This will allow our support engineer to get more info about your account if needed.
The Voki Team